Artist from The Netherlands


The paintings of Reinder Bleeker are reflections of reality displayed by a powerful and direct stroke of the brush and fired by a strong drive to create. Once the subject and the composition have been determined, it is important for him that he makes something that touches him deeply and in the course of doing so he reaches a higher level of consciousness.

Painting outdoors allows him to come in direct contact with his subjects and with the elements. By working in such a nimble and direct way, his paintings remain lively, spontaneous and transparent allowing the viewer to wander in the image and open doors in his own subconscious.


Born in Veendam, Holland in l956, Reinder Bleeker, after having worked in architectural engineering, turned to painting full-time in l998. Life experience, a strong vision and lots of painting have resulted in a unique characteristic style. Fascinated by the interaction of water and light his regular visits to the West of Ireland have offered him the subjects and the inspiration for his outdoor work, done there on location. On returning to Holland the new fresh impressions give his studio work an enriched dimension. His subjects in Holland range from vibrant city scenes to coastal fragments. His work with models offers him the opportunity to explore the most ‘live’ of all subjects: the human body. Working with ink and a large brush allows him to capture the moment with a few essential lines resulting in a form which is complete in its simplicity and truth.


In the end the viewer makes the image his own.





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